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Engine Max

Energy Nucleation System

Bosch MAX Shaped Motor

Energy transmission loss is reduced by 15% and torque is increased by 15%. Remote climbing has not been this easy.


SDS Patented Smart Power System

Intelligently recognize the road condition of the slope give strength instantly when encountering steep slopes realize easy climbing and energy saving on flat roads

X 612

Lead Acid Graphene Battery

The battery energy density is increased by 20% and the flash charging mode is supported across the board, with long-lasting battery life and unfailing capacity.

Low Rolling Resistance Tire Technology

The new tire formula is used to effectively reduce the tire rolling resistance by over 40%, with less loss, and naturally run longer.

Hydrodynamic Drag Reduction Design Of The Whole Vehicle

CES Patented Braking Energy Recovery System

Vehicle LED Energy-saving Lamp Group

Energy loss reduced by 50%, brightness increased by 30% surrounded by stars all the way, without fear of long nights.

New Electrical Architecture

Reduce 80% of the body's high-voltage wiring harness, reduce the risk of fire, redefine the electrical architecture, optimize more than a dozen control modules of traditional electric vehicles into three control units, replace nearly 80% of the body's high-voltage lines with low-voltage lines and signal lines, and cooperate with resistance Combustion circuit effectively reduces energy consumption and fire risk.


Firewall 2.0 (EPU)

The firewall performance is upgraded, and it has obtained many national patents. The EPU process intelligently recognizes the state of the whole vehicle to eliminate potential danger sand the whole scene of standing, riding, and charging is safe.

Intelligent Remote Control

Remote power-off + electronic fence + real-time location + track playback, mobile phone can view and control the vehicle, know the state of the vehicle well, the mobile phone can remotely control the power off, lock and other operations of the vehicle and can set the electronic fence, and immediately alarm when the vehicle is out of range.

Fully Enclosed Graphene Charger

Using the latest graphene modified plastic as the shell, the heat dissipation performance is 70% higher than that of the traditional fan. Using the international power chip giant ONSEN control chip, the charging efficiency can reach 92%, which is 7% higher than that of the traditional charger.

CBS Brake System

A combined braking system (CBS), also called linked braking system (LBS), is a system for linking front and rear brakes on a motorcycle or scooter. In this system, the rider's action of depressing one of the brake levers applies both front and rear brakes.

IPX7 Waterproof Of Vehicle Parts

The whole vehicle parts are ipx7 waterproof to prevent the risk of fire caused by short-circuit water entering.