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About Us

We are pleased to introduce us as your road companion.

About Aima

Aima, is the world’s no 1 EV scooter manufacturing and selling company. Established in 1999 and is circulating up to 50,000,000 units all over world. The main scope of AIMA business is manufacturing of electric bicycles, Electric mopeds, electric bikes, electric cars and many other products. AIMA has six manufacturing factories in Tianjin, Wuxi, Taizhou, Dongguan, Shangqiu and Guiyang.

The factory Shangqiu in Henan, China has an annual production capacity of over 12 million units by itself. AIMA focuses on R&D more than anything and has built their R&D center so far in Tianjin, Wuxi and Shenzhen for testing the performance of their products. AIMA has the best international supply chain management system, they stick with their top-quality ERP system which is SAP labs.

AIMA Technology Group provides cost-effective and high-quality products for customers.

AIMA Technology Group provides high-quality products at reasonable prices to meet and satisfy customers.

AIMA is like a big family.

Every member is a caring person who loves and is responsible for the family.

AIMA employees are dedicated to achieving social values with a group of like-minded partners.


By 2035, Aima will deploy over 800 million units of electric vehicles for their users worldwide for green and comfortable transportation solution. They aim to become an innovative market leader. Aima’s strong points are their techno core company Strength, Digital Intelligence Power, eco-friendly autonomous driving strength and global influence.


We dedicate ourselves for the best creativity of products and added value is the true path of ecology harmony and happiness.

Our Principles

A life with dreams exemplifies real success.

With a happy face, we do the smallest things for our customers.

Let's work together to create a fashion riding life with love and art.

Spread love and continue to do what is good and best for society.

Brand Value

Scope Of Business

Scope Of Business

New energy vehicles

Enterprise Vision

Enterprise Vision

The joy of making, The joy of selling, The joy of buying

Enterprise Tenet

Enterprise Tenet

To provide our global customers with cost- effective high-quality products

Product Concept

Product Concept

Cost-effective product experience

Promotion Concepts

Promotion Concepts

Allow customers to experience riding

Marketing Concepts

Marketing Concepts

Make customers feel loved

Core Values

Love is the most primitive emotion and loving yourself is the most natural feeling. To fall in love with yourself honestly and to face the perfections and imperfections of everything will shapen love into a kind of active and happy emotion. Since its creation in 1999, Aima has always regarded love as its core value. Expect to love yourself, love society, and love the earth.
Love and beauty are two mutually supportive values. Love makes the world beautiful; beauty creates love in the heart. Therefore, what Aima desires is not just to produce high-grade electric vehicles, but to integrate science and technology with humanity and to create an artistic lifestyle. Life can be made more beautiful by the beauty of art; to live beautifully can propel people to re-create the desire and passion to unearth their ideals.
Aima is fully aware of its responsibilities and mission. Aima is not only an electric vehicle brand but also an international futuristic brand. We will continue to pursue the next mind-blowing brand concept with love, art, and fashion riding, and continue to make bold statements.
Fashion is a kind of confidence. An attitude through which people express themselves. When there is beauty in life and love in our hearts, people will have faith in themselves naturally Expectations for the future. With this expression, Aima highlights electric cars as not just walking tools, but fashion accessories that illuminate people's style.

Aima's Timeline

AIMA Showroom Opening

August, 2022
Launched AIMA products in August and Opened our first showroom in Tripureshwor. The inauguration of the showroom was done by Our Honorable Guest from the PMO office, AIMA CEO, and board members.

Serving around the globe