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Our Products

Live in the future of electric mobility

Portable Batteries

Portable Charging Batteries

A portable battery can offer a solution for charging an electric vehicle whether at home or during travel. Portable Batteries help by providing flexibility to the user to charge in their own comfortable spaces.

Warranty from one year to 2 years

Lithium Technology

A lithium-ion battery or Li-ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery composed of cells in which lithium ions. They are the lightweight, high-power batteries used in computers, mobile phones, and now in electric vehicles.

Low Maintenance Costs

Low Maintenance Costs

Lithium-ion batteries don't require any maintenance to ensure their performance. Due to this no active maintenance is required during servicing.

Warranty from one year to 2 years

Long Term Warranty

Lithium Ion Technologies offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our line of Lithium Ion Batteries that guarantees it to be free of manufacturer defects.

Warranty from one year to 2 years

Overcharge Protection

Our Lithium-ion batteries contain BMS (battery management system) which has a protection circuit to prevent excessive pressure build-up and cuts off the flow of ions (current) when the temperature is too high.

Warranty from one year to 2 years

Awesome Customer Support

We at AIMA will go above and beyond meeting our customer's basic needs. We aim to provide support in a timely and pleasant manner and do everything possible so our customers are not merely satisfied but they're actually happy with your products and services.

Aima Eco-friendly Scooters

Save Earth, Be A Super-Hero

Since electric scooters don't need fuel to run, it does not emit any harmful gas to the environment. This already helps reduce the existing carbon emissions in the atmosphere, especially in the long run. Most electric scooters are made of aluminum alloy. This metal is known as a “green” material because it is recyclable and sustainable. In fact, aluminum can be repeatedly melted down and recycled without losing its quality which makes them recyclable.
Using e-scooters immediately eliminates the need for fuel costs and reduces your overall transport costs significantly. You also don’t have to worry about the electricity costs of charging e-scooters as it adds very little to your electricity bill. Because of the positive impact of electric scooters and electric vehicles in general, the UN-Habitat started to implement the Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI). The project aims to increase the use of electric vehicles to 30 percent by 2030 and reduce harmful emissions to 30 percent by 2050.

Why Electric Vehicle?


Comparison With Petrol Engine

1 Million+ Units
Global Production
298,028,920 kg
CO2 Emission Reduced
Global Stores

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